Sep 5, 2011

Sharing Monday 23!

Again I had way to many favorites this week! I had to narrow it down and I still had 7! So check them out, up load more projects and have fun!!

This apple cake by My Cake Corner is adorable, any teacher would love this!

Check out a bathroom transformation by Messy Business, it turned out beautifully!

I have never heard of pumpkin chicken enchilada's before but it sounds very yummy and like a good way to sneak some quash into picky children tummies! A Little Bit of Everything had the recipe for these yummy enchilada's that I have to try!

We are starting our first day of home school with Sam today, and when I saw June Cleaver Nirvana's homeschool closet I fell in love, the organization, the work books ahhh I can dream right? It's way better than my three shelves!
I was so excited when I saw this post because not to long ago we went to the Shakespeare Festival and I tried a candied pecan the last show after they had closed and it was AMAZING but they were closed so I couldn't get any for my self! So THANK YOU Meg's Everyday Indulgence for posting how to make these, I can not wait to try this recipe for Burnt Sugar Almonds!
The Golden Means shared how she made her super cute shower curtains, not the kind to keep water in the shower but the kind to keep people outside from seeing you shower! She has a great tutorial on how to make tab shower curtains.
Last this lite veggie wrap by Cooking with K sounds so yummy! I really like wraps but I haven't really tried making any at home, bit this wrap sounds very easy and yummy!

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Thanks for featuring the cake! :)