Sep 8, 2011

First Week Of School

YAY we started our first week of school! I was very nervous and anxious for this day but I enjoyed it so much, and so did Sam!
Here is our Calender board where we start our day at. My dad made it for me its a big metal sheet attached to some wood, Sam loves using the magnets on it!
We do Calender, Weather, Scripture, Days of the Week, Color, Letter and Sight Word of the week.
My method is a big mix of different homeschooling styles, right now we are doing a little of Montessori, Work Box, and Thomas Jefferson. Here is our work box system each box has a number with Velcro that when Sam is done he takes it off and puts it on his chart (this is one of his favorite things to do!).
For each work box Sam takes the entire drawer out and uses it for a tray, here Sam is learning how to fold wash cloths, he has gotten really good at this!
Sam loved the rice play, we did pouring rice and scooping rice, this did get rice all over my floor but the drawer with the tall sides did help hold in some of the rice.
This week our letter was L l I am following 1+1+1=1 outline for letters, it goes by easiest to write to harder. I signed up for her members only sight and have really found it and her printable to be very useful!

Sam really loves the cutting box each box is set up ready with everything Sam needs to finish it.

After getting tired of rice everywhere I decided part way through the week to change out the rice for pom poms using tweezers and using a tablespoon for scooping
Matching colors

It has been a great week, very busy, I have really learned what Sam is really confident in and what he needs lots of help with. I am excited for the week to come.

Blogs/websites I used to help make this week successful:
Confessions of a Homeschooler (I bought her letter of the week download and I really love it!)


andie jaye said...

love it! i've missed peeking at your site...looks like some great learning fun! how old is your lil buddy?

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful week! I have a Sam student at my house too ;-) Looks like he had fun!

Bryan and Lizzie said...

Good for you to dedicate so much time and effort to teaching him! He looks so happy to be learning from mommy!!

Chocolate Drool and Kisses said...

Thanks everyone, Sam is 3, he is really having a blast, he wasn't very happy thought when I told him he didn't have school on Saturday and Sunday :)

Debbie said...

SO much fun! I love the pom pom idea, I've got to do that activity with the little's (don't blame you on the rice, I don't think I'll be attempting that feet). We're also using Confession of a Homeschooler's Letter of the Week curriculum and Carisa'a RRSP - love them both! Have a great 2nd week!