Dec 20, 2010

Crafting fever!

I have been in a very crafty mood lately here is what I have been up to:
I made Sam another hat this one has ear flaps (a first for me) it turned out really cute a little big so hopefully it will fit him next year
 For Christmas Sam wanted a pillow pet and I couldn't justify buying a dinky  little pillow pet for $20 so I made him a nice big one that is very cute, and its a Lion which they don't sell in store! I used the blog for my inspiration she has a really good tutorial on how she made one here so if you want to make one check it out, I did change it to fit my needs.
Its a pillow
Its a pet!
It even had cute little paws
Lastly I made this cute hat, it will be to big for the baby so maybe I will save it for next year for him, Sam has way to many hats already!

Gingerbread House

We made out gingerbread house today, we all had a blast getting messy and tasting all the goodies!

 Our roof kept falling down from us putting the candy on so we decided to make a flat roof, next year I think I will make the house structure first and let it harden and then we can decorate later.

 All done, Sam is very proud of it. He put all the buttons on the snow man, the mint kisses on the roof, the coins and the pretzels!

Zoo Lights

We took a fun trip to the Zoo, we went early so we could feed the birds and see some of the animals before the lights came on.

 Watching the polar bear, he was dancing and Sam was in love!
 Eating yummy elephant ear!
 Sam's favorite part was riding the train

It was such a fun trip, I don't know why I didn't take any pictures of the lights but they were very beautiful!

Nov 29, 2010

Feeding the ducks

We were looking for something fun to do before work started back up, Stephen had the fun idea of trying to find some ducks to feed. We figured there wouldn't be very many out there but our first stop supplied lots of ducks, seagulls and pigeons!

 Sam loved feeding the birds then chasing after them

 Stephen found a few brave pigeons that would let him hand feed them
 Sam and Dad flying after the birds and making them scatter
 Sam was very sleepy by the time we left, I just had to get a picture with the water behind them
 When the pigeons would fly they would all take off together then swoop around in a circle and land around us here is the best picture I got of them flying.


We hosted Thanksgiving this year at our place, sadly I had my camera on the wrong setting so most of my pictures turned out fuzzy so here are the few that turned out well.
Sam and his cousin Hannah sat at his Cars table
 We had to split the group in two with some in the living room eating and some in the dinning room.
 My Grandparents joined us for the yummy meal!

 I didn't get a picture of the turkey before we cut into it, this year our turkey was named Peggy because Stephen loves the new insurance commercials with the guy named Peggy. The turkey turned out great!
 My homemade pumpkin pie, I made the crust for the first time this year, I wasn't sure how to make it look fancy but it tasted very yummy anyways.
 Sam loved the dessert!
 We ended the night playing cards

We had an amazing Thanksgiving, and we have so much to be grateful for! This was our first Thanksgiving in Oregon after getting married and the first holiday we have had with Stephen after moving to Oregon. I hope everyone else had a great Thanksgiving as well!

Family Pictures

A good family friend of ours took family pictures for us this month, we are so excited with how they turned out here are a couple of our most fav!

We hope you enjoyed! The pictures were done by our good friend Heather, you can check out her blog at

Oct 30, 2010

Halloween Fun!

Halloween has been lots of fun in the Walker house, it is one of my favorite holidays!! Sam was very helpful with lots of preparations for my witches night out movie night. Here is a pick of Sam helping me make Troll Snot and Vampire blood.
 Tastes good!

 Our fun decorations we got the house looking really good!

 Yummy food
 Sam and I decorated some of our squash with pretty glitter

 After a fun walk around the block we found a big leaf!

 Today we carved pumpkins at our friend Lindsay's house, Sam asked for a Larry and Bob pumpkin it turned out pretty cool
We also went to Trunk of Treat tonight, Sam was a vampire I made him a cape, he decided yesterday he wasn't going to be a vampire he wanted to be a superhero so I was notty and told him he was a superhero, he had a blast, and loved all the candy, luckily the rain held out and we didn't get drenched!

We have had a great October, and cant wait for the upcoming holidays!