Who am I:
My name is Crystal, I am a full time mom who makes and sells bow ties on the side, home schools, supports and husband going to school and is looking into going to school her self. I enjoy anything that involves being creative and learning a new skill. I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, if you have any questions about my faith feel free to ask, or you can check out http://mormon.org/eng/. I grew up in Oregon and really enjoy the rain (which drives my husband nuts!) I am getting used to the idea of being back in Utah (I better, we are here!) and look forward to the fun crazy time we will have. I have recently started cloth diapering and I am loving it! I have had so much fun making diaper covers and prefolds and really love the money it is saving us.

What do I blog about:
A little of this and a little of that :) most of my blogging will be about crafts and sewing projects I am working on. Cakes and other yummy food I make as well as our adventures into homeschooling and the fun my family is having.

Where can you contact me:
You can email me at  Littleguyties@gmail.com
Do I like comments:
OF COURSE! Please feel free to comment I love it when people do!!