Jan 28, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday Colten!

We have made it one year!! Here are pictures from this last year.
After a quick birth we had a healthy darling baby boy
Look at all that hair

1 month old

2 months

3 months

4 months

6 months crawling!

Exploring real food!
8 months
Starting to play with big brother!
11 Months

1 year!!
His Favorites at 1
Food: Raviolis and Smoothie
Thing To Do: Look at books on the bean bag chair
TV Show: The Wiggles (he loves to dance to the music)
Person: Sammy
Loves to laugh with Sam especially at bed time

Mile Stones Hit:
Climbing everything!!
No more binki
Eating more big people food
Waving, high fives and hand shakes

Jan 25, 2012

Baby Fair

Its been really quiet around here again, due to I have another fair coming up in a week and a half! I have been sewing like crazy!This fair is in Logan which is a bit far but hopefully it works  out and lots of people come!
Here are some of the ties I have made recently

I am very excited for this baby fair, I have been really busy though my Etsy shop has really picked up this month so I have been splitting my work time between getting ready and orders, plus taking care of the boys! 

Jan 9, 2012

Colten is turning 1!

Colten isn't 1 yet, but he will be soon, while I was in Oregon visiting family we had a little 1st birthday party for Colten and his cousin Sophia who is a few weeks older than him.
We had the idea of doing a Thing 1 and Thing 2 birthday party.
Here are the little ones, I made the hats and Sophia's leggings, they were so hard to make but turned out really cute! Even though Colten wouldn't keep his hat on.
We had lots of good friends and family there to celebrate with us.
Sophia is so adorable!
Here is the cake I made for the party, its a fish bowl with the fish from Dr. Seuss (if you couldnt tell) This cake gave me a big fight the fish broke in half the day of the party and I had to remake it that day. My sister did the piping for me, I don't do much piping so I try to avoid it (I don't have tips...I guess I need to get some and practice).
The fish bowl was cake I layered 1 8 inch cake on the bottom then took two 8 inch cakes cut off part of it and used the two bigger then half cakes next to each other for the next layer and repeated the next layer the same way making sure the over hang wasn't to much so it wouldn't break. Topped with one more 8 inch cake, then carve to make it more bowl shape! This time I covered the finished carved and crumb coated cake with butter cream, to me  it tastes better.
The fish is rice crispy treats molded and then frosted and covered with fondant.
Oh cute babies!
Naughty Colten taking the hat off!
Lots of yummy food!
Lots of babies crawling around!
Yummy cake!
There is my silly Colten, I love this face he makes all the time!

The babies liked the cake too!
"Yum thanks mom :)"
Sam really enjoyed himself too!!