Sep 24, 2011

Week 3 Letter Hh

This week we had two sick boys! Sam had a cold and Colten also had a cold but also was teething and not very happy. I figured we wouldn't do school this week but Sam insisted so we just took it slow each day.
Sam loves cutting here he is cutting out his scripture for the week.
We are still doing laundry this week for our life skill but now we have added hanging shirts, as he masters one thing in laundry (like folding dish towels) I add something new, he is still folding pants with the shirts because he hasn't quite gotten it down, he still needs help. But surprisingly he learned really fast how to do the hangers!
I look forward to finally being able to let him really help with laundry.
This week he really enjoyed the color puzzle he matches the hippos to the color on the paper.
His coloring and writing has really taken off, he hate coloring before and at church when his class would color he would just sit in a chair and watch them, now he loves coloring and making pictures!
This week we did a scavenger hunt around the house for things that start with H, we had a hard time finding things we got, Hammer, Hat, Hippo toys, and House but it wouldn't fit in the box :)
His letter H for his ABC book, the capital H had hand prints, and this one we did Happy Faces.
I didn't get a picture of it this week, but I got the rice back out and had Sam scoop it with a tablespoon measure into a baby food jar and then let him just play with the rice. He actually did much better this week keeping it in the tub and not on the ground.
I had someone comment and ask how I have time to make everything, I really and struggling with this, but I have found that if I plan four weeks in advanced, I do a better job of staying ahead, I am trying to devote one night a week to planning home school lessons and it seems to be helping. I also rely a lot on prepared activities from the blogs listed below, I use the members page from 1+1+1=1and bought the letter of the week from Confessions of a Homeschooler, these help tons!
This week the boys came and helped me cut out, and laminate 30 FEET of school stuff for the next four weeks! Thank goodness I found a cheep place to do lamination!

Blogs/websites I used to help make this week successful:
Confessions of a Homeschooler (I bought her letter of the week download and I really love it!)

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