Apr 27, 2011

Headless Chickens

And the chicken said "where's my head!?!"

Ever heard the expression I feel life I have been running around like a chicken with its head cut off? not really sure where it came from, and I know it normally means you are doing lots of things but not accomplishing much; I have been doing tons but also accomplishing TONS the problem is I feel like my list is never shrinking!

I am not complaining I would never give up anything I am doing, its just all falling around the same time and I am finding it hard to accomplish everything I would like to (sounds like a problem most moms have).

Currently I am working on a collage course on Teaching Elementary Children in the Outdoors, finishing up projects for family members, accepting and working on Etsy orders, working on homeschooling with Sam (I can't believe how fast he is learning!), preparing for our move to Utah in July, preparing for our beach trip next week, starting back to work part-time, and I am sure I left things off, like the most important, raising my boys, and building a stronger relationship with my husband (which is a must after having a baby!).

All these things have put my blog towards the bottom of my list, and feeling guilty about all my new readers not having anything to read! I promise to get things going as soon as I can, but it will be a couple weeks before I get constant posts going again. I will keep the linky parties going, and what I can get done I will.

Now after my complaining here are some cute picture from our Easter weekend, I hope everyone else had a wonderful Easter.

We hide our eggs around the house, Sam really enjoyed finding them and putting them all in his basket, but fore some reason he was afraid the Easter Bunny would come back and take them....
Colten cute as ever
I love those deep blue eyes!

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Madonna said...

I am not certain if this is the true meaning but I do know if you cut off a chicken's head it will run around wildly for a while before it dies. I remember being a little girl and seeing my grandmother cut off a chicken's head and it scared me to death.