Apr 8, 2011

Family Friday: Tip to the Mountain

 The other weekend my husband and I were invited to join my family up to the mountain for a day of shooting. I have never shot a gun before but have always wanted to learn how and Stephen had been wanting to go up with my brothers for a while so we dropped the boys off with a friend and went on an adventure!

Here is Stephen shooting the Cricket, I cant remember what it shoots (I don't really understand gun lingo) but it is a cute little gun, I liked shooting it the most because it doesn't kick back when you fire.  
Sadly I didn't get my camera out until the end so I didn't get any pictures of me shooting a gun...but I tried it...it was ok, I would probably try again, but its not my favorite thing.
But the one thing I REALLY love doing on the mountain was getting out my bow which I haven't shot for over 4 years!
I was afraid I would be really rusty, but after a couple shots I was getting good groupings
You see those streaks in the picture...
Being April we figured we might get rained on, but that day it was very chilly and it kept snowing on us!
This is my favorite picture, there was a soccer ball we were using as a target, and I got it three times. Stephen thought it would be funny if it looked like I got him!
Stephen even tried the bow and he did great. Here is my brother in-law who I talked into trying it out ( he is REALLY into guns).
It was a really fun trip, I learned a lot about what I need to take up with me if we go again, which I hope we get the chance to before we move.

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