Mar 11, 2011

Family Friday: Baby Blessing and Trip to the Zoo

On Friday's I have decided to do Family Friday where I post about something fun my family is up to, or something we have done for home school. I hope you enjoy!

Baby Blessing

Sam had a hard morning throwing a big tantrum right before church.
We had lots of friends and family there.
Our handsome Colten
Here is the finished blessing outfit I made from my wedding dress, the tie turned out really big but he still looked super cute!

For the blessing Stephen's family was in town. We decided to take them to the Oregon Zoo on a nice day.
The animals were really active here is a good shot of the bears playing together, Sam loved all the animals!
If you look close there is an egal behind Sam
So big!
I think the tractor was his all time favorite though!
The trip let me break out my new double stroller which I am in love with! Colten slept pretty much the entire time.
So cute!
Another favorite of Sam's is the Lorikeets where you get to feed the birds juice from a cup.
Touching Sea Lions
One of the last things were the drums. We had such a fun trip to the zoo and a great weekend with the inlaws!
We also have some news, we found out Stephen got into BYU for the masters program, which means we are moving back to Utah!


Handy Man, Crafty Woman said...

cute kiddos!! Thanks for coming over to visit our blog! :-)

Dan and Marci said...

Hi Crystal,
Just peeking in at your fun blog. Congrats on the new kiddo--he sure is handsome :)
Hope all is well for you guys!