Mar 21, 2011

Blog Redo

So I have had some questions about my blog redo, I did it my self but with the help of other bloggers.

At A bit of this and A bit of that I learned how to embed a PDF to my post like on the It's A Girl post.

At Momma Go Round I learned everything from
She has much more posts with great ideas I just haven't done them yet.
Momma Go Round

At The Graphics Fairy
How to make and install a custom header there you will find a great video that was a major help for me! I also go my background for my header and page buttons from The Graphics Fairy.
The Graphics Fairy

Lastly I get my backgrounds from The Cutest Blog on the Block

So check out the blogs have some fun, but take it one things at a time! I have gotten easily overwhelmed and I have to remind myself the dishes wont wash themselves!

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