Jun 10, 2011

Family Friday: Rose Festival

My sister and her husband took Sam and I to the Portland Rose Festival a couple weekends ago. This was the first time Sam was old enough to go on rides, and he had a blast. The rainy weather we have been having made the grounds a muddy swamp land, I didn't get any pictures of the ground and the three different pants Sam went through because he kept slipping in the mud!
This was Sam's favorite ride, he is still talking about it, its a little boat that floats in a small current with music playing.

He also really enjoyed the dump truck ride

I don't have pictures but he went on a few rides he didn't like, they were a little to fast for him, one was a kiddy roller coaster and the other one was a flying plane ride, it didn't help that it was cold and he was very tired.
The last ride he went on was the merry go round with his uncle, he was still a little timid after the other rides so he didn't want to ride on a horse, but had fun sitting in the chair. It was a fun muddy trip, and I still have to wash our shoes from this adventure!

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