Feb 27, 2011

It's A Girl!

No I didn't have a baby girl but my sister did and this last weekend we celebrated her arrival with an It's A Girl party. My sister asked me to come up with a fun game that would include everyone but wouldn't be a baby game, instead a Girl game. The two of us brainstormed and came up with the idea for an amazing race style game with mini-games hidden around the room. As each team completed a game they would come back to me for the clue to the next one, and at the end was a yummy prize for everyone.

We had four different games

The first game was Pass the Ring in this game four people from each team line up in a row, the two middle teammates each have a straw while one teammate on the end has two-four rings. When I said go the person holds our the ring while the next person in line tries to thread the ring onto the straw and pass it to the next persons straw. Now what makes this challenging/fun is the straws are in their mouths and the cant use their hands! Once all rings are to the last teammate they come to me for the next clue which leads them to the next game.

I had the clues mixed up so each team would find a different game for each round.

The other games are:
It's A Girl Word Scramble
It's A Girl Charades
Name That Disney Heroine's Movie

The PDF below has the three games that need printing. I cut each out and mounted the on colored paper. I also included the clues for the hiding spots I had, I cut them out and glued them in cards labeled with which team it was for and which clue number it was. The ladies at the party had tons of fun so I thought I would share it for anyone else planning a girl baby shower or even just a fun girly party.

Leave me a comment if something is confusing or even let me know if you end up using it!

It's A Girl Games

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