Feb 9, 2011

Valentine Bow Ties

For my boys I made them fun matching Valentines bow ties to wear this coming Sunday. One for Hubby, Toddler and Newborn

If you want to know here is how I make my bow ties:

I don't have the measurements for the adult and toddler I just eyeballed it but here is what I did for the newborn tie.
Cut out of fabric:
5" X 4 1/2" rectangle (called Body piece)
2" X 4" rectangle (called Center piece)
4 3/4" X 4 1/4" Interfacing
Sewing Machine
Alligator Clip
Hot-glue Gun

Step 1: Follow directions and iron on interfacing to wrong side of body piece of fabric fold in half right sides together and sew with 1/2" seam allowance. Making a 5" X 2 1/4" rectangle.
 Step 2: Turn inside out and iron seam in the middle
Step 3: Fold raw edges in and iron
Step 4: Fold edges in to meet in the middle with seam on the inside of the circle, whip stitch edges together.
Step 5: Fold body piece in half with whip stitching running vertically

Step 6: Using sewing machine to sew 1/2" line in the middle of folded Body piece
sorry its hard to see but the arrow is pointing at the seam. Seam will run horizontal from the vertical whip stitching.
Step 7: Take Center fabric fold right side together making a long rectangle and sew turn right side out and iron with seam in the center tucking one edge in and ironing.

Step 8: Take Center fabric and fit it on body piece pull Center fabric until bow tie looks how you want cut off extra (leaving enough room to tuck the cut side under). Tuck edge and iron.
Step 9: Whip stitch edges together.
Step 10: Adjust bow tie until it looks how you want.
To make your bow tie wearable you can make a strap with hook and loop tape but I have lots of extra Alligator Clips the kind you use to make little girl hair bows.
Step 11: Put a little of hot glue and slide it in the back of the Center fabric. Having the flat side of the clip on the outside to be against the child.

And now you are done, I made each a little bigger the sizes can be adjusted to if you want small ties or big fluffy ones, I'll post pics after Sunday of my boys looking spiffy in their Valentine digs.

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