Feb 17, 2011

Baby Blessing Vest

I'm working on my little boys blessing out fit like my first son I am making his outfit out of my wedding dress. My current project is his vest I was very inspired by Make it and Love it she made a reversible vest, I didn't make mine reversible but I did want a lining in it.

I started out by making a pattern using tissue paper and a 0-3M dress shirt. I followed the tutorial linked above for making the vest, then cut out two of each piece, one from the main fabric of my wedding dress and one from the lining.

Then sew the seam under the arm holes for the lining and repeat on the main fabric sewing right sides together and iron them both
For my vest I made a fake pocket with a little fabric hankie I free handed the hankie by cutting two slightly pointed half circles and sewing them right sides together leaving the bottom open.
Turn right side out iron, then gather the bottom of the hankie and trim what is left
For the fake pocked I made a rectangle slightly wider than the hankie, and double the thickness I wanted, (eyeball it) 
fold in half sew sides flip inside out and iron

Put hankie on vest where you want it, then line raw edge with highest gathering stitching pin in place and sew close to the raw edge.
iron rectangle down and sew into place.
Pin lining and main fabric right sides together sew armpit holes, front edges, neck, and bottom leaving a small opening in the middle, and leaving the shoulder parts open.
trim corners
clip curves
Turn right side out through opening in bottom of vest, and iron
turn shoulder openings by neck in and iron

insert other shoulder piece in to neck shoulder piece and hand sew closed.

Hand sew bottom of vest, sew button holes, and add buttons.
Then try on your cute little guy, hopefully he will be happier to try it on then mine was :)

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The Pyryt Nest said...

You are amazing! What a beautiful way to use your wedding dress.

Kristen said...

This is very well done, and a truly inspired idea. I wish, wish wish that my dress weren't almost entirely tulle so that I could refashion it into something so meaningful! And that picture at the bottom is priceless. Love!