Jan 8, 2011

Merry Late Christmas

Our beautiful real tree, this is our first year that we have gotten a real tree which we loved!
 Stephen woke up early and decorated the house with lights, all down the stairs, and the furniture in the living room
 I made red and green pancakes with bananas and chocolate chips, lets say it went over really well with Sam
 We went on to open presents, Sam decided he needed to open all the presents, he was very excited about the Twilight books I got and the Journal Stephen got along with all his fun things.

 The last big surprise present was his home made pillow pet. He now sleeps with it every night and says it protects him from scary monsters its so cute!
 Another fun surprise was a tent from Grandma and Grandpa Walker, which we set up and Sam and Dad and pillow pet had to climb right into and start reading books, it was so sweet!
 Sam in the tunnel
 Grandma and Grandpa LeBlanc surprised us with another tent when we went to visit them Christmas day, Sam loved it and yet again Dad had to join him for a fun time.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and wonderful New Year, I know this is way late...

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