Jan 28, 2011


Jan 28th at 3:32am Colten joined our family, after a little more than an hour in the hospital and only 10min of pushing our drug free labor was over and our healthy little boy came into this world waying 8lbs 6oz and was 20inches long!

My sister Sarah was a great help during the labor along with Stephen

He has a lot of hair! Its the same color as Stephens a light redish brown

Grandma and Sam were our first visitors in the morning

they brought us a yummy breakfast and Sam was very interested in checking out the hospital and meeting his little brother

What a good big brother!

One last hug before they went

What a sweet little boy!


Chapples said...

YAY!! CONGRATS!!! LOVE all the pictures!

Dan and Marci said...

Congratulations Crystal and Fam!! So exciting to get a new little addition to your family. We hope that Washington is treating you guys well. Happy times at your house :)