Jan 8, 2011

Happy Anniversary

My husband and I recently celebrated our 4th Anniversary, and this has been the first year we have really celebrated! We started out the day with going to the Ceramic Cafe it was so much fun to just be creative and make something fun!

 We then went to dinner at the Rivershore Bar and Grill we had the place all to ourselves there was a beautiful view and we just spent the evening talking and enjoying our yummy food.
Later we went to a movie, then rented a movie and called it a night, it has been 4 years of fun, struggle, moving, school, lots of change, and tons of love! I look forward to the many years we have ahead and cant wait for the fun we will have!!

Me at 35 weeks pregnant, we are all getting very excited, it should be any day now!

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Chapples said...

Happy Anniversary! What a fun date! You look so cute, and wow already 35 weeks! Almost time! YAY!