Feb 27, 2011

It's A Girl!

No I didn't have a baby girl but my sister did and this last weekend we celebrated her arrival with an It's A Girl party. My sister asked me to come up with a fun game that would include everyone but wouldn't be a baby game, instead a Girl game. The two of us brainstormed and came up with the idea for an amazing race style game with mini-games hidden around the room. As each team completed a game they would come back to me for the clue to the next one, and at the end was a yummy prize for everyone.

We had four different games

The first game was Pass the Ring in this game four people from each team line up in a row, the two middle teammates each have a straw while one teammate on the end has two-four rings. When I said go the person holds our the ring while the next person in line tries to thread the ring onto the straw and pass it to the next persons straw. Now what makes this challenging/fun is the straws are in their mouths and the cant use their hands! Once all rings are to the last teammate they come to me for the next clue which leads them to the next game.

I had the clues mixed up so each team would find a different game for each round.

The other games are:
It's A Girl Word Scramble
It's A Girl Charades
Name That Disney Heroine's Movie

The PDF below has the three games that need printing. I cut each out and mounted the on colored paper. I also included the clues for the hiding spots I had, I cut them out and glued them in cards labeled with which team it was for and which clue number it was. The ladies at the party had tons of fun so I thought I would share it for anyone else planning a girl baby shower or even just a fun girly party.

Leave me a comment if something is confusing or even let me know if you end up using it!

It's A Girl Games

Feb 24, 2011

Baby Sweatshirt

I took an old sweatshirt my brother was going to throw out, and using tissue paper and a baby shirt I made a pattern, cut, sew and made a sweatshirt for my new little baby just in time for the snow that came to visit today! 
So snugly
The DIY Show Off

Feb 17, 2011

Baby Blessing Vest

I'm working on my little boys blessing out fit like my first son I am making his outfit out of my wedding dress. My current project is his vest I was very inspired by Make it and Love it she made a reversible vest, I didn't make mine reversible but I did want a lining in it.

Feb 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day from the Walker boys!
Look close and you can see some spiffy bow ties!

Feb 13, 2011

2 Weeks Old

Two weeks went really fast! Its hard to see but I decorated letters for Colten and got the idea from a friend to take pictures with the first letter as he grows so here is our first at two weeks. Next time I'll put him in a white outfit so it can be seen better.

Feb 9, 2011

Valentine Bow Ties

For my boys I made them fun matching Valentines bow ties to wear this coming Sunday. One for Hubby, Toddler and Newborn

If you want to know here is how I make my bow ties:

I don't have the measurements for the adult and toddler I just eyeballed it but here is what I did for the newborn tie.
Cut out of fabric:
5" X 4 1/2" rectangle (called Body piece)
2" X 4" rectangle (called Center piece)
4 3/4" X 4 1/4" Interfacing
Sewing Machine
Alligator Clip
Hot-glue Gun

Step 1: Follow directions and iron on interfacing to wrong side of body piece of fabric fold in half right sides together and sew with 1/2" seam allowance. Making a 5" X 2 1/4" rectangle.
 Step 2: Turn inside out and iron seam in the middle
Step 3: Fold raw edges in and iron
Step 4: Fold edges in to meet in the middle with seam on the inside of the circle, whip stitch edges together.
Step 5: Fold body piece in half with whip stitching running vertically

Step 6: Using sewing machine to sew 1/2" line in the middle of folded Body piece
sorry its hard to see but the arrow is pointing at the seam. Seam will run horizontal from the vertical whip stitching.
Step 7: Take Center fabric fold right side together making a long rectangle and sew turn right side out and iron with seam in the center tucking one edge in and ironing.

Step 8: Take Center fabric and fit it on body piece pull Center fabric until bow tie looks how you want cut off extra (leaving enough room to tuck the cut side under). Tuck edge and iron.
Step 9: Whip stitch edges together.
Step 10: Adjust bow tie until it looks how you want.
To make your bow tie wearable you can make a strap with hook and loop tape but I have lots of extra Alligator Clips the kind you use to make little girl hair bows.
Step 11: Put a little of hot glue and slide it in the back of the Center fabric. Having the flat side of the clip on the outside to be against the child.

And now you are done, I made each a little bigger the sizes can be adjusted to if you want small ties or big fluffy ones, I'll post pics after Sunday of my boys looking spiffy in their Valentine digs.

504 Main

Feb 3, 2011

Back Home

We had more visitors later in the evening at the hospital, Anne brought her daughters Hannah and her 3 week old Sophia. Here is Daniel holding Colten and Sophia
The next day Great Grandma and Great Grandpa came to visit

Sam and Stephen getting comfy in my bed

Getting ready to go here is the car seat blanket I made him it turned out really cute!
Made it home
Here is a good pic of Colten's long crazy fuzzy hair!
Sam had a diaper on his head too but when I got the camera out he wanted nothing to do with it, from the looks off it Colten isn't to happy either...
boys snuggling in moms bed watching cartoons
My sweet boys