Aug 5, 2011

Family Friday: Fun in the Sand/Rocks and more

On our last beach trip I really wanted to collect some sand from the beach to make a sand box for Sam. Well the beach we went to had small little rocks instead of sand but Sam still loves his little box.

I put an empty tums bottle, an empty Easter egg, and tongue depressor in with his rocks and let him borrow a garden shovel and funnel.
He found some small twigs and was pretending they were plants and kept planting them.
The grey lid is to catch the rocks he misses (which is a lot!) we just pour it back in when he is done playing.
I am also really excited that we have our cloths line set up again! It saves us so much money not having to dry everything, even though these diapers got rained on twice (random thunderstorms) so I did end up just drying them because I needed a diaper for Sam to go to bed.
My last big news is I have really been wanting to get back in shape, and I really enjoy running but I don't feel comfortable going by myself and we can't afford to pay someone to stay with the boys if we went together. Well I found a great deal on craigslist last night and we got this double jogging stroller! We took it for a nice walk today and the boys loved it! Can't wait to take it for a jog tomorrow!!

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