Mar 23, 2012

St. Patrick's Day

To celebrate St. Patrick's Day we set up a Leprechaun trap in hopes to catch one and make a wish! Sam wanted to wish that his stuffed dog Pal would turn real and talk :) So we got all the things Leprechaun like...Chocolate coins, Root Beer, and rainbows. Sam made the rainbows with pipe cleaners and beads and felt adding Kool Aid would add more color. We hoped our laundry basket would be enough to hold him :)

Well we dint catch him and he caused some silly mischief, he had a tea party with some of Sam's friends.
He didn't even finish his chocolate and he left little rainbow treats everywhere!

He also made some pancakes and left some for us and they were green but he made a mess with the flour leaving foot prints! Sam loved these and Colten loved making a mess with the flour!

And he left us all a little treat! A boat for Sam, animal crackers for Colten, a new hat for dad and chocolate for mom! He also drank one of the sodas!

It was all so much fun! And Sam is already talking about how to make a better trap for next year!

Mar 21, 2012

Sensory Beads

I recently saw people using aqua beads for a fun sensory experience with their little ones so we just had to try them! I found some for a great price here I just asked them to send mixed bag so we could have lots of colors! We have only used half what we were sent and we are still having lots of fun with them!
If you don't know what aqua beads are they come as little hard beads and you add water to them and they grow and grow and grow! You can see the before size and after above (we added more water and found that they actually get bigger than the one above)
They are non toxic (though I still don't let Colten eat them) they are squishy after they grow and can be broken. You can add them to your plants and they will continue to fill with water and then slowly release it and dry out until more water is added. 
We have had lots of fun with them transferring them from pans to cups.
Scooping them and using funnels
Here is what we got with half of what we got (after adding more water this container was full! And I have about 1 tablespoon or less of little beads to start with)
Both my 3 1/2 year old and 1 yr old loved these (again watch for eating but after a few times of telling him not to it wasn't a big deal)

This was not sponsored by anyone, we just had so much fun we had to share!

Mar 9, 2012


This post if for all the college-goers out there I recently was told about I had no clue you could rent text books at all!
You can save 40-90% off of bookstore prices and you get free shipping both ways! 

Check out this Chemistry and Chemical Reactivity book, it is normally $153.95 to buy and you can rent it for one semester (130 days) for 16.88 and remember no expensive shipping!

They ship it for free to you and give you a prepaid envelope to send your book back in when your done. When I first was reading it I was thinking it would be so stressful worrying about your book getting ruined but you can pay for insurance for your book and you can even highlight in the textbooks which would be a must for me! 
They also have flexible renting periods so you don't have to feel rushed to get your book back right away.

And what I feel is the greatest thing about Campusbookrentals is they donate to Operation Smile with each textbook rented! So not only do you get a discounted book with free shipping but your purchase goes to help someone in need! Click here to learn more information about Operation Smile

Watch the video below for more information to see how it works.

This post is sponsored by Campusbookrentals all opinions shared are mine. Facts and numbers were used from

Busy Busy Busy

I have been so busy lately with my etsy business, home school and things at church, I have really been neglecting my blog! I have been really blessed from the start of the year with more work on my etsy shop, my business has really been growing and with it I have had to learn how to be better organized and make time to get my work done. I would love other busy moms ideas for finding balance between family and a work at home situation!
I also wanted to share my new products and fabrics I have coming to the shop!

These adorable pictures were done by a friend of mine. I have started branching out to photographers for better pictures and I have loved what I am getting back!

I have also started selling baby suspenders, here is Colten sporting a pair! I am about to send some out to get better photos of them! I also have started making diaper covers that match ties and I am waiting for pictures for those too!

Here are my colors that I have originally had and still sell.

And here are my fun new colors!!