Mar 23, 2012

St. Patrick's Day

To celebrate St. Patrick's Day we set up a Leprechaun trap in hopes to catch one and make a wish! Sam wanted to wish that his stuffed dog Pal would turn real and talk :) So we got all the things Leprechaun like...Chocolate coins, Root Beer, and rainbows. Sam made the rainbows with pipe cleaners and beads and felt adding Kool Aid would add more color. We hoped our laundry basket would be enough to hold him :)

Well we dint catch him and he caused some silly mischief, he had a tea party with some of Sam's friends.
He didn't even finish his chocolate and he left little rainbow treats everywhere!

He also made some pancakes and left some for us and they were green but he made a mess with the flour leaving foot prints! Sam loved these and Colten loved making a mess with the flour!

And he left us all a little treat! A boat for Sam, animal crackers for Colten, a new hat for dad and chocolate for mom! He also drank one of the sodas!

It was all so much fun! And Sam is already talking about how to make a better trap for next year!

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