Aug 27, 2012

Yo Ho Ho!

We celebrated Sam turning 4 last month, I can't believe he is that big already!! Sam chose a Jake and the Never Land Pirates themed birthday party, it was really fun to go all out for him :)
I had a completely hard but cool cake in mind but then Sam asked if he could have a treasure chest cake, still very cool but not as hard so I was happy to accept the challenge!

This is the gold doubloon on the front of the treasure chest, I tried to make it as much like the treasure chest from the show as possible.
The base of the cake was chocolate cake, the top of it is rice crispies, it was super humid that week so I had a hard time with things melting and drooping!

The back
I used chocolate fondant using my marshmallow fondant recipe but changing it by alternating cocoa powder and powder sugar a little at a time until it reached the right flavor I wanted. I used chocolate fondant because it helps you get to the red color faster. For the trim and gold parts I used yellow regular fondant and painted it with gold luster dust, its amazing the color it really looks like gold!

inside I made gold fondant coins and stamped some with an S :) I also made hard candy gems but they started melting due to the humidity but they tasted really good!! I  also made a ring, and bracelet out of fondant and candy pearls.

dont mind the gross corner lol we also bought the figures for my son for a present and put it with the cake.
a good friend of mine did face painting for us! You can see more of her work here

Each child got to color their own party hat

We had a few games our first was Sink the Ship we made paper cannon balls and had painted ships tapes to buckets they would throw the cannon balls at each other and we would see how many there were when time was up who ever had the least in their ship won.

The littler ones had a hard time with the throwing part they just wanted to pick up and dump in the other teams boat :)

Then we played Save Your Shipmate where we tossed pool rings to catch the other team member

We had a fun treasure hunt, the main map took them to the first clue then each clue they found had a riddle to another place on the map they would follow all the clues until they found the treasure.

Finding more clues

Each clue had a trap by it so they would have to do something before they could pick it up :)

Here is the clue that led them to the tree on the map
Everyone got a goody bag out of the treasure chest in the end.

Sam picked a shark for his face paint it was a very popular choice.

Happy 4th to my little/big guy!


Anonymous said...

The cake is awesome!
I also think luster dust is the bomb diggity! :)

Anonymous said...

The cake is awesome!
I think luster dust is the bomb diggity too! :)

Tanya Anurag said...

The cake couldn't be any better! Great job done!!

Rebecca Sommers said...

That cake looks amazing! I am still working on my cake decorating skills, maybe I will be able to make something that amazing in a few years :)