Feb 13, 2012

In Due Time Baby Fair

We did our second fair a few weeks ago it was our first baby fair.
We had a great location right at the entrance and had lots of positive response.
Here are my two new dress forms they turned out really well!

Our location was so great that we could use both sides of our table to show off our items!

My hair flowers sold the best at this event, but I got lots of "Look at these adorable ties!"
And many people took my card saying they knew someone getting married soon who would love these for little boys in their wedding.
I also sold more clip on bow ties at this event.
I have one more event in September, if I do well at it I may do it again next year, but if I don't then I think I am done with fairs, I have been selling much better online and just not covering the costs of far away events.

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