Oct 24, 2011

No More Sharing Monday

I have been feeling really bogged down with everything I need to do lately and have been trying really hard to find ways to simplify our life so we can enjoy our days more and not feel so busy! It was a hard decision but I have decided to stop doing Sharing Monday I am just having a hard time finding the time to put it together every week. So at least for now there wont be anymore parties, maybe after the new year I will try it again. Thanks for everyone who came and linked up I did really enjoy seeing all the fun projects!

Oct 17, 2011

Sharing Monday 29

This week has been super busy with getting ready for the craft fair, making costumes and a trip to the pumpkin patch. I am glad I was able to find the time to look at all the fun submissions this week though, so many great Halloween crafts, yummy recipes and more!

These super cute flower clips were shared by A Hen and Her Chicks, she has even more cute flowers on the post that you have to check out!

I have only tried egg plant once and didn't love it, but I have been wanting to give it another try and this recipe for Eggplant Rollatini from The Adirondack Chick is so mouth watering.

I love this Thanksgiving Advent Calender posted by Leslie's Latest Creations, its so fun each day you pull out a little note with something to be grateful for or an activity. I was thinking this would be fun to put different types of service activities in.

I have always loved the idea of making breakfast burritos and freezing them for an easy breakfast, but sadly I have never done it. Well Wound Up Mom shared some of her breakfast burrito recipes and I may just have to try them out!

Oct 15, 2011

Pumpkin Patch 2011

We went to Hee Haw farms this year for our pumpkin patch trip, we have been there before and had so much fun we had to go again!

Colten enjoyed his first hay ride, I was glad he didn't spend the entire time trying to eat the hay.
My handsome boys.
I love their pumpkin patch not only do you get to pick pumpkins on the vein but they grow below giant sunflowers. Sam kept saying we were on a treasure hunt!
He found just the right one.
I think both boys favorite was the corn pile
Colten did get one corn in his mouth but mom came to the rescue and fished it out.
We did my first real corn maze (at least the first one I remember). I really didn't love it, the map they give you doesn't tell you where the entrance is and they said you would see signs were you answer questions to know which way to turn...well we never saw a single sign!
Part of it was our fault though why I didn't like it we did the maze to late and it was getting dark and really cold and I didn't have a coat for Colten. Oh well maybe we will try again next year.
Look how tall my little/big guy is!
and how big my really little guy is!
We had so much fun, now Sam keeps asking when we are going back :)

Oct 10, 2011

Sharing Monday 28

We had lots of submissions this week, lots of great ideas. I had a hard time narrowing it down and still have my top 6 I had to share. If you didn't get a chance to check out last weeks submissions I suggest you do, there were lots of great recipes and projects!
These Cinnamon Sweet Pumpkin Seeds from With A Shot of Brandy look so yummy! I can't wait to make some this year.
At Leslie's Latest Creations she shared how to make these adorable turkeys as well as some super cute Pilgrims, I love the colors she chose for the turkey tails.
I have been craving a yummy Chicken Pot Pie and the recipe from Talking Dollars and Cents looks super easy and just look at that picture, crispy and golden yummmmmm.
I love the fun ideas Snails and Puppy Dog Tails shared for working with the letter D
These cute and Spooky Door Friends were made by Keeping It Simple, and she even shows us how to make our own! 
Last here is a fun Spider Pillow by Freaking Craft.

I can't wait to see what you all have to share this week.

Oct 7, 2011

Week 4 and 5 Letter Ii

Well last week I was feeling a bit behind with everything I hadn't planned any future weeks and was hoping to stay a month ahead, so we took half the week off so I could plan, print, laminate and cut out everything for the next two weeks.
So over the last week and a half we worked on the letter Ii (I had a lot of material of I and its a letter Sam struggles with so it worked out to do it longer)
While I was laminating all my work at Lake Shore Learning I saw some dot markers I have been wanting to get Sam some and I have a 25% off coupon, so I splurged! Sam LOVES them.
The first day I brought them out he found any excuse to use them, here he is using it to dot the different ice cream cone
Cutting his scripture
One of his all time favorites this week was our science experiment, we used 2 Teaching Mommies ice cream observations sheets and tested chocolate and vanilla ice cream.
Inch worm graphing
Dot coloring an igloo
We also got out our sample of Sticky Yuck, because its "icky" you can order your free sample from http://www.buckets-o-fun.com/. Sadly the smallest amount they sell yuck is 20lbs (way more than I would ever need!) you can email them for a free sample of the different types of yuck.
Sam didn't really like it at first but after getting in and trying it he loved it. I didn't read what the yuck really was before working with it (don't ask me why) but I was worried it was some bad chemical or something so I was freaked about getting it everywhere so Sam didn't really get to play much with it. After reading on the website the yuck is actually biodegradable, next time we will play with it outside and let Sam have a big more fun gushing and mushing it.
I really wanted a way to display Sam's work he has been doing, and was thinking about setting up another magnet board like our school board, then I realized our front door is metal, and so the back of our front door has turned into Sam art/school work display. He loves seeing his work.

Blogs/websites I use to help make our weeks successful:
Confessions of a Homeschooler (I bought her letter of the week download and I really love it!)

Oct 6, 2011

Halloween Costume Sneak Peek

Here is a little sneak peek at Sam's Halloween costume. Please ignore the messy living room behind him, Colten had fun dumping three toy tubs during school time.

We all have superhero names around out house, Danger Dad, Mighty Mom, Super Sammy, and Captain Colten. So for Halloween I decided to make Sam his Super Sammy costume. Its more like pajamas then a dress up outfit so he can wear it more. I finished his cape yesterday and he loves it! He still has it on today!!

Oct 3, 2011

Sharing Monday 27

This last week has been some what crazy, between colds, teething, Colten getting an ear infection, home school, Stephen's school and work schedule and several other things I never got around to last Monday's features. So this week I am featuring submissions from the last two parties.
Lady Behind The Curtain shared her yummy spice cookies and pumpkin dip. What really got my attention is her pumpkin, dip it sounds so yummy!!
For Easter we started a little egging fun with people from our church, and I love the idea of Booing your neighbor from Uncommon. I really want to do this, this year!
I love this idea from Georgia Be, to help keep her kids food warm at school she made a Burrito Sock! This would be a great idea for Stephen's lunches when he is at school.
I have always loved wreaths, and this Candy Corn Wreath is so cute! I really thing it would be so fun to make!! Keeping it Simple has a great tutorial on how she made this super cute wreath.
I am so ready for fall to get here and this Corn Chowder would be warm and cozy for a cold fall day, see how to make it from Watch Out, Martha!
Thanks to A Heart Full of Love I know have a fun Halloween treat to make with Sam, these cute pumpkin popcorn balls look so fun and yummy to make!
Lastly I love these thumb tack pumpkins from With A Shot Of Brandy, they are so cute, and so easy to make!

I am so glad there has been such a good turn out, I can't wait to see what you have to share this week!