Oct 15, 2011

Pumpkin Patch 2011

We went to Hee Haw farms this year for our pumpkin patch trip, we have been there before and had so much fun we had to go again!

Colten enjoyed his first hay ride, I was glad he didn't spend the entire time trying to eat the hay.
My handsome boys.
I love their pumpkin patch not only do you get to pick pumpkins on the vein but they grow below giant sunflowers. Sam kept saying we were on a treasure hunt!
He found just the right one.
I think both boys favorite was the corn pile
Colten did get one corn in his mouth but mom came to the rescue and fished it out.
We did my first real corn maze (at least the first one I remember). I really didn't love it, the map they give you doesn't tell you where the entrance is and they said you would see signs were you answer questions to know which way to turn...well we never saw a single sign!
Part of it was our fault though why I didn't like it we did the maze to late and it was getting dark and really cold and I didn't have a coat for Colten. Oh well maybe we will try again next year.
Look how tall my little/big guy is!
and how big my really little guy is!
We had so much fun, now Sam keeps asking when we are going back :)

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