Oct 11, 2010

Spooky $4 wreath!

So I have looked and looked but I cant seem to find the blog I borrowed the idea for this fun wreath from so if you know let me know so I can give credit!
I love Halloween and we don't have very many decorations, I was so excited to make this fun $4 wreath! I got the black crepe paper, bird and foam wreath from the Dollar Store, the silver spray paint was on sale at Micheal's to add a little sparkle!
Sam loves the bird so much he keeps asking to hold the birdy, he doesn't think its very spooky but he loves it all the same.
Looks good on my door right!

1 comment:

Chapples said...

Looks great! You are so creative! Even if you saw it from a blog, you still made it your self-which makes it very impressive!