Oct 30, 2010

Halloween Fun!

Halloween has been lots of fun in the Walker house, it is one of my favorite holidays!! Sam was very helpful with lots of preparations for my witches night out movie night. Here is a pick of Sam helping me make Troll Snot and Vampire blood.
 Tastes good!

 Our fun decorations we got the house looking really good!

 Yummy food
 Sam and I decorated some of our squash with pretty glitter

 After a fun walk around the block we found a big leaf!

 Today we carved pumpkins at our friend Lindsay's house, Sam asked for a Larry and Bob pumpkin it turned out pretty cool
We also went to Trunk of Treat tonight, Sam was a vampire I made him a cape, he decided yesterday he wasn't going to be a vampire he wanted to be a superhero so I was notty and told him he was a superhero, he had a blast, and loved all the candy, luckily the rain held out and we didn't get drenched!

We have had a great October, and cant wait for the upcoming holidays!

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