Nov 29, 2011

Chic Boutique

I made it through my first boutique! We didn't make as much as we hoped, the boutique was pretty small and we didn't get tones of walk through, but I learned a lots made some money, have tons of left over inventory, and cant wait to do more next year!
My flower headbands on one of my chicken wire frames
Here are the bows I sold for my friends at Ribbon Whimsey
Clip on bow ties, I was surprised I only sold two clip on bow ties
I have sold more now after the boutique then what I sold there.
Hershey Snowmen, I think I didnt sell may of these because they were tucked back behind some things, I sold enough to cover the cost of doing them, I may just use the rest for stocking stuffers if I cant sell anymore before Christmas.
I felt my table was a little crowded, I think I will do less things next year. We were kind of shoved into a corner so it was hard for people to see the bow ties (which maybe why I didn't sell many)

My sign you can see my garland a little I used paint chips and a scrapbooking punch to make them and then sewed them on my machine it turned out really cute and I got lots of compliments on it.
I have tons of inventory left so if there is anything you are interested let me know.