Nov 22, 2011

How To Re Tie your Tie

This post is about how to re tie an adjustable tie that  I sell, I hope to make a video at some point, but this explains it all too.

1. Lay your tie right side up on the strap (in the picture I did about half way but adjust how much is below the strap to make it longer or shorter)
2. Fold the tail down and behind the strap
3. Bring the tail across the front of the tie, you are forming the front of the knot
4. Take the tail up and behind the strap, keeping it tight
5. Bring the tail down through the knot front you just made, the tail will be sitting on top of the front of the tie.
6. Pull/twist the tail to the back.
7. Pull both sides of the strap to tighten the knot.
8. Your tie is now tied again, put it on your cute little guy and have a fun day!

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